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KSUM Open 2019

The 48th Annual Congress of Korean Society of Ultrasound in Medicine

May 26(Fri) - 27(Sat), 2019

Coex, Seoul, Korea

Interactive Case Review (ICR)

  • Date & Time: May 3 (Fri), 16:20-17:50
  • Location: Grand Ballroom 103 (1F), Coex

All participants will be asked to choose a correct diagnosis for different cases from a series of about 30 multiple choice questions. All participants of the quiz will be given a small gift, and the three finalists will be awarded with a prize.


* The event will be based on a first-come, first-served basis.
* For Korean participants, only residents are allowed to attend the ICR Session

Keynote & Hands-on Session

  • Date & Time: May 3 (Fri)
  • Location: Room 202, Room 205, Coex

The Organizing Committee has revamped the Hands-on Session with a wider range of scientific topics to make it more instructive and interesting for all the participants. Each session will be assigned to participants on a first-come, first-served basis.

* The event will be based on a first-come, first-served basis.
* KSUM Open 2019 participants who do not register for the Keynote & Hands-on are welcome to participate as a observer.

Session Program Room Program by
Session 01
• Topic: Innovative Method for Comprehensive Breast US Examination
• Speaker & Instructor: Eun Kyoung Park (Korea University Ansan Hospital)
Session 02
• Topic : Tips for Thyroid RFA from basic to advanced
• Speaker: Jung Hwan Back (Asan Medical Center)
• Instructor: Jung Hee Shin (Samsung Seoul University Hospital),
                So Lyung Jung (Seoul ST. Mary’s Hospital),
                Hye Shin Ahn (Chung-Ang University Hospital),
                Eun Ju Ha (Ajou University Hospital)
Session 03
• Topic: Practical Tips for Comprehensive Breast US Examination
• Speaker & Instructor: Su Min Ha (Seoul National University Hospital)
Session 04
• Topic: Advanced Application of US in Liver
• Speaker & Instructor: Ijin Joo (Seoul National University Hospital),
                               Hyo Jin Kang (Seoul National University Hospital)
Session 05
• Topic: Multiparametric Approach for Liver Assessments : Elasticity,
           Viscosity and Attenuation
• Speaker & Instructor: Dong Ho Lee (Seoul National University Hospital)